About Us

Hi, I'm Kim, the lady behind the camera!  I'm a CPA by day and a photographer by night.  I have always had an interest in photography, but public accounting just never allowed the time to pursue my passion.  A few years ago life took a turn and I was blessed with a move away from public accounting - April 15 was no longer a red letter day for me!  My son was a junior in high school and participated in sports (baseball and basketball). During his first two years of high school a baseball mom of an upper class athlete took lots of great pictures and shared them with the other parents through social media.  I wanted to pay it forward, so I got a DSLR camera for Christmas that year.  I started taking pictures at the basketball games and baseball games and sharing them on social media as well.  Pretty soon people started complimenting my work and soliciting me to do various types of pictures.  I was hooked - and here we are!

My husband Nick has also developed an interest in photography and has recently taken an active role in our business.  Gage, my son, is majoring in chemistry and plans to be a pharmacist. He loves taking pictures too!

We use a variety of equipment and lenses which enables us to provide more coverage at your event.  A camera at each end of the field or gym means we never miss the action!

My husband has told me for years that I need a hobby.  Maybe he shouldn't have said that - LOL!

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