Session Details

So your session is booked - now what?
We will have regular correspondence in the days prior to your session, 
but here are a few tips to keep in mind!


1. Let us know the locations you like.  We like to visit session locations in advance to better plan  your session.  

2. Choose your wardrobe a few weeks ahead of time and send us pictures.  Some colors and styles photograph better than others.  This allows time to make any changes that may be necessary.  We have a style closet you are welcome to choose items from!  Arrive with all clothing pressed and ready to wear.

3.  Girls - be sure your nail polish looks good and isn't chipped.  Neutral colors are best.  While professional hair styling and makeup application are not required, we highly recommend you do this and book your appointments in plenty of time and early enough in the day that you won't be late for your session.  If you don't know any local hair stylists or makeup artists we have several we can recommend.  

4.  Guys - you should plan your wardrobe in advance too!  We know you have that one tee shirt and one pair of jeans you just love, and after all, these are YOUR pictures, but....your mom probably wants you in something a little more dressy (khakis and a button down shirt maybe?) for at least a few of the pictures.  And, believe it or not, when Momma ain't happy, nobody's happy!  If you wear your hair short, a good haircut about a week before picture day is great!  If you have longer hair, please have a plan to keep it out of your eyes.

5.  Be on time and be sure you have nowhere pressing you have to be after your photo session.  Rushed sessions aren't fun for anyone!  If something comes up, let us know and we can possibly reschedule.

6.  Try to NOT get sunburned before your session and try to avoid tan lines.  And please do not get a spray tan!

7.  Get plenty of rest the night before your session!  

8.  During your session just relax and have fun!

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